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BROWN, ROBERT RAY  20,  Frisco and Plano,  Cpl.  US ARMY     KIA Oct. 1, 1967.

BRYAN, CHARLES W. "BILL"  20,  McKinney,  Cpl. US MARINE CORPS    KIA Jan. 20, 1968.

CARAWAY, THOMAS G. 21,  Farmersville and McKinney,  PFC,  US ARMY,   D  Co.  2nd Bg.  14th Inf.  25th Div.   KIA Nov. 28, 1967.

COMBEST, JERRY W. 25,  Wylie and McKinney,  Sp4, US ARMY,  1st Plt.  C Co.  1st Mech. Bn.  25th Div.   KIA Aug 21, 1968.

ELDRIDGE, GARY LEE - 23, McKinney, Sgt. Signal Corps, US Army, killed in car wreck 12 Feb. 1968

FRAZE, JERRY W. 21,  McKinney,  Cpl. US MARINE CORPS,  F Co.  2nd Bn.  4th Marines.   KIA Mar 12. 1968.

HALE, LANNY E. 25,  Wylie,  Sp4, US ARMY,  A Co.  1st Bn.  6th Inf.  198th Light Infantry Brigade.   KIA Feb. 8, 1968.

HARRIS, BOBBY G. 19,  McKinney,  Sp4, US ARMY,  128th Helicopter Assault Co.  11th Aviation Bn.  12th Aviation Group  1st Aviation Brigade. KIA Mar 17, 1971.

HARRIS, TOMMY WAYNE - 20, McKinney, US Navy, Served on the USS Hornet; killed in car wreck while home on leave May 14, 1965

HOFFMAN, CHARLES E. 19,  McKinney,   Sp4,  US ARMY,  D Co.  1st Bn.  14th Inf.  4th Div.   KIA Feb. 9, 1968.

HOLDBROOKS, THOMAS B. 19,  McKinney,  PFC,  US MARINE CORPS,  3rd Plt.  E Co.  3rd Bn.  3rd Marines.   KIA Dec. 28, 1967.

HUTCHINGS, STEVEN W. 19,  Celina,  L/Cpl,  US MARINE CORPS,  3rd Plt.  G Co.  2nd Bn.  1st Marines.  KIA Aug. 6, 1968.

HUSTON, JOE S. Plano,  20,  Sgt. US ARMY,  A Co.  2nd Bn.  1st Inf.  196th Light Infantry Brigade.   KIA Mar 19, 1969.

JABARA, JAMES "JABBY"  43, McKinney, Colonel,  US AIR FORCE. Fighter pilot during World War II in Europe, Became the first Jet Fighter Ace in the Korean War. Killed in an auto accident along with his daughter, 16 November, 1966, while on his way for deployment to Vietnam.

 JOHNSON, JOE A.  22,  Westminster,  Sp4, US ARMY,  A Co.  4th Bn.  9th Inf.  25th Div.   KIA Nov 27, 1968.

JONES, LAWRENCE E. 22,  McKinney,   PFC,  US ARMY,  173rd Airborne.   KIA Mar 3, 1968.

JONES, JOHNNY C. 22,  McKinney, Engineman 3rd Class, US NAVY, River Patrol Forces- Task Force 116, River Sec. 522, River Div. 572. Killed Sept. 22, 1970.

KING, CHARLES, L. 28,  Prosper,  Sp5, US ARMY,  C Co.  2nd Bn.  47th Inf.  3rd Brigade  9th Div.   KIA June 4, 1969.

LUNA, PAUL GORDON - 18, McKinney, born 2 Sept. 1951, US Navy, killed in car wreck 8 Sept. 1969.

MAHAN, DARREL U. "GEORGE" 20,  McKinney,  Cpl., US MARINE CORPS,  G Co.  2nd Bn.  1st Marines.   KIA Aug. 19, 1967.

MALONE, JAMES E.  21,  McKinney,  PFC,  US ARMY,  D Co.  501st Inf.  101st Airborne Div.   KIA Feb 3, 1968.

MITCHELL, KELLY  24, Plano, Aviation Machinist's Mate, US NAVY. Lifelong Plano resident, attended TCU, killed in car wreck near Olathe Naval Air Station, Kansas, 19 April, 1967, while on active duty. Served for almost eight years in the Naval Reserves and regular Navy. Buried at Plano Mutual Cemetery.

RODGERS, MARTIN L. 18,  McKinney,  Sp5, US ARMY,  D Troop,  3rd Squadron,  5th Air Cav.  1st Aviation Brigade.  Killed, July 26, 1970.

RYAN, RICHARD M. "MIKE"  McKinney, Captain, US AIR FORCE, Killed in helicopter crash at Elgin Air Force Base in Florida, Sept. 2 ,1969.

SCOGGINS, ROYCE G. 18,  McKinney,  PFC, US MARINE CORPS,  Weapons Plt.  I Co.  3rd Bn.  1st Marines.  KIA Mar 5, 1966.

STEINDAM, RUSSELL A. 24,  Plano,  1st Lieutenant, US ARMY,   B Troop,  3rd Squadron,  4th Cav. Reg.  25th Div.   KIA Feb 1, 1970. Awarded the CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR.

STRICKLAND, RONALD BOYD  21, Melissa, Cpl. US MARINE CORPS, served in Vietnam and killed in a training accident 4 July, 1969.

WHITAKER, LAWRENCE DAVID - 24, McKinney,  Airman 1st Class, US Air Force, Killed in car wreck 20 May, 1967

WOODY, VERNON W. 22,  Princeton,  Cpl. US ARMY,   H&H Co.  2nd Bn.  34th Armor,  25th Div.   Killed Jan 30, 1970.