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ALLEY, JAMES LEE  27  Blue Ridge, Cpl US ARMY Heavy Motor Co. 179 Inf Rgt. 46 Inf. Division. Had served in WWII, and
                                           reenlisted in 1951. On  17 Apr.1953, he was on his way to catch a plane for home, when  killed  in a truck
                                           wreck on a narrow mountain road in Korea.

BICKLEY, DAVID RAY  18, Farmersville USMC KIA 24 Nov. 1950 in the area of the Chosin Reservoir.

ESTEP, EVANS ODELL  Chambersville/Weston  US ARMY Died 10 May, 1951, while in training. Buried at Cottage Hill.

GREER, ROBY H.  Blue Ridge - 28 July, 1928 - US ARMY , PFC - US54039711,  171st Field Arty Bn (105MM) HQ Battery, 
                                     45th Infantry Div. MOS 4641 Field Wireman. Killed in action 7 July, 1952.

HILL, KENNETH J. Frisco 18, Cpl  US ARMY 27th Inf. Regiment, KIA 21 Dec 1950

JOHNSON, MAURICE 30, McKinney, US AIR FORCE,  Major  314th Transport Wing,, KIA 29 Mar. 1951.

MANN, WAYNE T.  34,  Allen, US AIR FORCE. 016990272, Captain, Served as a pilot in WWII, died in the crash of an Air Force
                                        plane 30 November,  1951, near Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Buried at Allen Cemetery.
McCLAIN, BILLY J 20, Princeton,  US ARMY, OFC, KIA 20 July, 1950.
MILLER, JOHNNIE E 20,   US ARMY, PFC, 2nd Inf. Div.  KIA 1 Aug. 1951.

REIDER, JAMES K 28,  US ARMY, Cpl, 17th Inf. Reg.  KIA 9 Mar. 1951.
RHEA, BILLY J 22,   Plano, US ARMY, PFC, 32nd Inf. Reg. KIA 4 Mar. 1951.
ROBINSON, ROBERT W 22, McKinney, US MARINE CORPS, PFC, 1st Tank Bn.  KIA 22 Feb. 1951.
ROSS, FORREST S. Jr. 20, US ARMY, Cpl, 15th Inf. Reg. KIA 17 Feb. 1953.

TISHLER, Andrew R 20, McKinney, US ARMY, PFC, 15th Inf. Reg.  KIA 25 May 1951.
TROSCLAIR, JAMES O. 23, McKinney, US AIR FORCE, Airman 1st Class, 307th Heavy Bomb Group,  KIA 28 Feb. 1954.

VILLANUEVA, JOAQUIN 24, Farmersville, US ARMY, PFC, 31st Inf. Reg.  KIA 2 Sept. 1951.

WALLS, JESSE J. 20, Pvt. 5th Cav. Reg. US Army KIA 25 July, 1950.
WILLIAMS, CLARENCE, 19, Plano, PFC, US MARINE CORPS, 3rd Bn. 7th Marines, taken POW on 7 Oct. 1952..Declared dead
                                                   16 Jan. 1956.