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R. D. Foster and the Red Dog Rangers

They  came  charging  up  that  hill  late  at  night.
They were dying on my left and on my right.
In that living hell I heard my name,
Standing there in the rain,
The devil locked in my sites.
I had the devil locked in my sites.

He  shot  at  me  with  blood  from  his  eyes,
When  I  fired  right  back  I  knew  he  wouldn't  die,
He  came  for  me,  and  I  said  not  yet,
Stood  my  ground  and  with  a  fixed  bayonet.
I  met  the  devil  in  hand-to-hand  that  night,
I  met  the  devil  in  hand-to-hand  that  night.

I  hardly  felt  the  pain,
We  battled  in  the  rain,
Like  mad  dogs  in  the  mud,
We  tasted  blood.
Fought  like  the  devil,
When  I  fought  the  devil,
That  night.

Now  sometimes  he  still  comes  around  at  night,
But  he  knows  I  won't  go  without  a  fight.
In  that  living  hell  he  calls  my  name,
Standing  there  in  the  rain.
The  devil  locked  in  my  sites.
I  meet  the  devil  in  hand- to- hand  at  night,
Fight  like  the  devil,
When  I  meet  the  devil,
At  night.

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I  wrote  this  song  from  a  dream  related  to  me  by  my  childhood  friend  from  McKinney,  Texas,  Gilbert Garza, who  received  three  Purple  Hearts  as  a  Marine  in  Vietnam.  Rest  In  Peace,  my  Brother.

 "When I Fight The Devil"
R. D. Foster
     Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Brent Rozell     Lead Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Donnie Mac     Bass
Jas Stephens     Drums
Scott Taylor     Organ
Kevin Bailey and Jim Stovall     vocals
Written by
    R. D. Foster
Produced by     Phil York, Brent Rozell  and  R. D. Foster
Engineered by     Phil York
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Yorktown Digital Works, Irving, Texas
Executive Producer    
Trina Foster
T-Ray Cicada Music Inc.
1998- BMI Music

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