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ABBOTT, HULETT H.  Nevada,  PFC 38115085  KIA
ABERNATHY, MERCER G.  McKinney,  2nd Lt. 02009170,  navigator on B17, killed in mid-air collision over the North Sea.
ALLEN, WOODROW H. McKinney, Machinist 1st Class, Navy, survived five major battles at sea in the Pacific including the sinking of the  USS Hornet, decorated for bravery, killed in accidental explosion aboard ship Sept. 4, 1943. His name listed on the Tablets of the Missing at Honolulu Memorial in Hawaii.
ANDERSON, GUYNN L. McKinney, Coxswain, US Navy, KIA 19 March, 1945. Aboard the USS Franklin when struck by a Japanese bonzai bomber, killing 807 and wounding 487 crew members.
APPLIN, ARCHIE A.  PFC, 9th Army, Coast Artillery Corps,  KIA Mar. 25, 1944, in Germany.
 19, Celina, Chambersville. US Navy, Seaman 1st Class. KIA 11 June, 1945. Buried at Chambersville Cemetery. Listed on the Celina Veterans Memorial.
22, Anna, S/Sgt. 6951483, Air Corps, killed April 19, 1942, in plane crash in North Africa.

BAILEY, JAMES A. 19,  McKinney,  KIA Sep. 1944.
BASS, LOUIS F. Princeton, 1st Lt. 0807662, Air Corps, pilot of B24, KIA April 21, 1944, over Germany on his third mission.
BENTLY, ROBERT W. McKinney, Sgt. 18006959, Co. E. 23rd Inf. 2nd Div. KIA Aug 4, 1944, in France, awarded the Bronze Star  posthumously.
BIRKET, NOBLE L. Wylie, Pvt. 38632405, KIA
BLACKBURN, EDGAR  28,  Celina,  KIA September 9, 1943.
BLAINE, ROBERT W. 27, Plano, 1st Lt. 0423910, Air Corps pilot of B24 Liberator, killed March 8, 1943, when shot down over Rennes,  France, in raid on German U-boat facility.
BLASKE, ALBERT F. 28,  McKinney, T/Sgt. 38115078, US Army, Born 7 December, Killed in Action in Italy in 1944. His body was returned in December of 1948 and buried at Pecan Grove Cemetery.
BLUE, VERNON McKinney, 1st Lt. Air Corps, KIA when shot down Nov. 28, 1944, over Belgium.
BOLTON, RICHARD L. Lebanon & Plano, Seaman 2nd Class, Navy, killed Aug. 9, 1942, in sinking of USS Quincy off of Savo Island in the  Solomons. The ship’s captain along with 370 sailors died with 167 wounded.
24, KIA in Sicily, August 11, 1943.
BOWEN, LINDSAY L. JR. McKinney, All-star football player at Rice University, 2nd Lt. 0774498, 15th Army Air Force, KIA when shot  down in Nov. 1944, over Czechoslovakia.BOWERS, JACK K. JR. Farmersville
BOWERS, JACK K. JR - Farmersville

Blue Ridge, PFC, KIA Nov. 25, 1944, with Patton’s 3rd Army in Germany.
BOYER, CHARLES McKinney, Air Corps, killed in plane crash.
BRASWELL, ALBERT D. Blue Ridge, Air Corps, flight officer, died in training accident near Panama City, Fla.
BRYCE, HILTON H. 18, Branch, 2nd Lt. Air Corps, killed in plane crash while training at Biggs Field, El Paso, one of the youngest pilots to die in the service.
BUMPASS, JACK K. JR. Farmersville, Air Corps, KIA Mar. 1944, at Anzio, Italy.
BURNETT, WILLIAM G. Navy, KIA Oct. 25, 1944, when his ship, the USS Johnston, was sunk off the coast of Samar Island in the Philippines.
BURNS, ELZIEL L. Cpl. 18080552
BUSH, GIBSON E. Allen, PFC, US MARINE CORPS, KIA June 14, 1944, in battle of Cape Gloucester near New Britain Island. He was a machine gunner who accounted for over 100 dead enemy soldiers in the battle in which he was killed.
BYNUM, DEE FOREST  26, McKinney, Warrant Officer, lawyer, died of illness Feb. 1944, at Camp Patrick Henry, Virginia.

CAIN, VERNON M. McKinney, PFC, US MARINE CORPS, KIA Mar. 2, 1945, in the Philippines.
CAMBRON, YANDELL     Farmersville On the same day that Japan surrendered and the war ended, he was killed in action along with all 10 men of his squad in a rice paddy on the Island of Luzon in the Philippines.
CAMERON, JACK COOGAN McKinney, Radioman 1st Class, US NAVY,  Graduate of McKinney High School, attended Texas A&M. Flew 29 missions over Japanese territory, survived numerous battles in the Solomon Islands & Bismark Archipelago. Killed in plane crash in New Ireland. Body never recovered.          
CAMPBELL WILLIAM J. 34, McKinney, Sgt. 38155006, tank commander, KIA in Europe.
CANTRELL, OSCAR L. JR. 24, McKinney, 1ST Lt. Air Corps, 0663847, killed in bomber crash Feb. 19, 1943.
CARAWAY, JAMES THOMAS. 22, McKinney, was a football star in high school and college, 1st Lt. Air Corps, KIA Aug. 11, 1944, in  B24 crash in India while flying missions ‘over the hump’ to China. ‘Over the Hump"’ meant flying 20,000 feet over the world’s  loftiest and most treacherous mountain range, the Himalayas, in planes loaded with more freight than designed to carry. (His  nephew, Thomas G. Caraway, was KIA in Vietnam in 1967).
CARPENTER, HENRY D. McKinney, Pvt. 38638577, died of meningitis June 12, 1945, on Luzon Island in the Philippines.
CARVER, JOE E. JR. Farmersville, Pvt. 3862898, Served in the Army Air Corps as a gunner. He had flown his required number os missions and was about to go home, when he volunteered to take the place of a sick crewman. The plane did not return from the mission. KIA Sep. 1944, in France.
CARVER, WILLIAM A. Farmersville, Sgt. KIA
CHANDLER, THOMAS E. Chambersville, KIA Aug. 26, 1944, in France.
CLAY, WILLIAM H. 26, McKinney, KIA Sep. 16, 1944, in France.
CLINTON, WELDON D. Farmersville, T/Sgt. 6954832, KIA in North Africa in the early days of the war.
COLEMAN, KENNETH B. Blue Ridge, Avation Mechanics Mate, US Navy. KIA 25 October, 1944, while serving aboard the USS Swanee during one of the largest Naval battles ever in the Leyte Gulf of the Philippines.  The aircraft carrier was struck by a Japanese Kamikaze  bomber which killed many of the ships crew. He was buried at sea and his name is listed on the Tablets of the Missing, Manila, Philippines.
COMMONS, BILLY FRANK McKinney, Lt. Navy fighter pilot, KIA Dec. 1945, when shot down in the Philippines. His name is listed on  the World War II memorial at the East Texas State University football stadium in Commerce.
COOPER, HAROLD W. 23, Plano High School Class of 1940, Texas A&M, Flight Officer, US Army Air Corps, 100th Bomber Squadron, 42nd Bomber Group, Medium, 13th Air Force. Pilot of B25 Mitchell Bomber that went down over the island of Mindanao in the Philippines during WWII on 10 March, 1943. Classified as Missing In Action, declared Killed in Action on 10 March, 1945. Listed as MIA or Buried at Sea on the "Tablets of the Missing", Manila American Cemetery, Manila Philippines.

Farmersville, PFC 38079802, with 3rd Army, KIA Nov. 15, 1944, in France.
COPPEDGE, EMMETT L. Celina, Private, USMC,
killed in action during the battle of Okinawa on May 6, 1945. 
McKinney, 1ST Lt. 01180154, field artillery, KIA Sep. 18, 1944, near Lorraine, France.
CORLEY, WILLIAM A. Josephine, Wylie, Farmersville   Seaman 1st Class, Navy. Joined the Navy in 1942, served on the Cruiser - USS Savannah.  KIA during the invasion of Salerno, Italy, by a radio bomb dropped from an enemy plane..
COWLING, JAMES W (SONNY) Westminster, T/Sgt. 6955286, KIA March 23, 1944, in Italy and buried there.
CRAVER, ARTHUR B (BUTCH), Princeton, Sgt. 38045799, KIA Feb. 25, 1945, on Luzon Island in the Philippines. Sgt Craver is interred at Pleasant Grove Cemetery near the Climax community in Collin County about 5 miles northeast of Princeton on FM 2756.
CROSSNOE, ODIE W. McKinney, Pvt. 38423588, Army cook, KIA Dec. 28, 1944, in Belgium.
CUFFMAN, ROBERT E. 21, Allen, Pvt. 39141371, Tank Destroyer Battalion, 104th Infantry, 26th Infantry Division. KIA Dec. 1944, during the Battle of the Bulge, near Luxembourg, Germany.
Buried at Allen Cemetery.
CULVER, CURTIS McKinney, in D-Day landing at Normandy, KIA June 11, 1944, in France.
CURTIS, MARVIN J. Pike, S/Sgt. Air Corps, killed in bomber crash June 13, 1943, near Sioux City, Iowa.

DALTON, GEORGE Princeton, PFC 38631141, KIA
DAVIS, BENNIE N. McKinney, Seaman 1st Class, Navy, killed Jan. 2, 1945, in an accident onboard ship.
DECKER, BOYCE D. Plano, PFC 38433934, KIA
DERRYBERRY, JERRAL W. 23, McKinney, Capt. 0413579, Air Corps, pilot, killed in B17 crash June 1943 near Soledad, Ca..
DERRYBERRY, LEE H. 22, McKinney, Pvt. 18006035, Troop A, 5th Cav. 1st. Div. KIA Nov. 29, 1944, on Leyte Island in South Pacific. (brother of Jerral)
DICKEN, WILLIE J. JR. 22, Farmersville, Pvt. 38425905, Headquarters Company, 756th Tank Battalion. He tried to enlist on 15 Nov. 1941, but was turned down because of flat fee, and was later drafted in January 1943. Fought in the battles of Naples, Salerno, and Foggia, Italy. On Feb. 10, 1944, at Cassino, Italy, he was killed by sniper fire while trying to recover a disabled American tank neat Monte Cassino after the Rapid River crossing. Buried in Merit, Texas.
DILLION, NEVIL LEE 28  Farmersville, Lieutenant. Entered the Army in March 1941. Served in France with an armored infantry unit and was killed in action 21 December, 1944. He is buried in the United States Military Cemetery, St. Avold, France. In the same ceremony in which Audie Murphy received the French Croix de Guerre, Lt. Dillon's widow was presented with the Silver Star.
DODSON, WAYNE McKinney, worked at Ashburn General Hospital in McKinney (later to be known as the VA Hospital) before enlisting, PFC, KIA Jan. 21, 1945, in Germany.
DONNETT, EARL JR. Frisco, Navy KIA Jan, 1942.
DOOLEY, JAMES C. Plano, PFC 38631049, KIA May 5, 1945, on the Island of Mindanao in the Philippines.
DREW, B. FOY, 20, Celina, S/Sgt. US Army Air Corps. KIA 2 November, 1942. Buried at Cottage Hill Cemetery, Celina.
DOWNS, THOMAS L. 19, McKinney, PFC, US Army. Killed in Action in Western Germany in the Mogel River Valley on 14 March, 1945. His body was sent home in April of 1949. buried at Pecan Grove.
Frisco, PFC 38041797, KIA
DUNN, JAMES W. McKinney, Cpl. 6287332, reported missing in 1942 during Battle of Corrigador, later declared dead.
DUVALL, STANLEY M. Celina, Lt. USMC, was an outstanding athlete at Southern Methodist University, pilot, KIA Jan. 1944, in the South Pacific.

EAST, AUBREY F. 33, McKinney, 1st Lt. 702nd Tank Battalion, KIA Sep. 13, 1944, in France.
EDWARDS, WILLIAM F. McKinney, PFC US MARINE CORPS, KIA on Saipan Sept. 1944.
ELLIOTT, JAMES H. 22, McKinney, S/Sgt. 18006158, landed at Normandy on D-Day, KIA July 28, 1944, in France.
ESTEP, CARL J. Anna, Seaman 1st Class, Navy, Killed on USS Arizona Dec. 7 1941, during Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. First  reported Collin County casualty of WWII. His name is listed with three other Collin County boys on the monument in Hawaii.
EUBANKS, L. J. (HOTSHOT) Farmersville, PFC 38423596, 9th Infantry, landed at Normandy on D-Day, KIA June 28, 1944, in France.
EVANS, MILES E. S/Sgt. 18036159, KIA.

FIELDS, RAY E. Anna, PFC 38079823, KIA Nov. 25, 1944, in France.
FOREMAN, HOWARD G. Farmersville & McKinney, 2ND Lt. 0722474, Air Corps. Stationed in France, awarded Air Medal with Oak Leaf Clusters and two bronze stars. Bombardier and navigator on B26, KIA Dec. 12, 1944 when shot down over Belgium.
FRENCH, JAMES P. 24, Plano, KIA Sep. 19, 1944, in France.
FURR, JIM H. 20, McKinney, Watertender 2nd Class, Navy, WIA at Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941, on board the USS Helena, KIA July 6, 1943, when Helena sunk by a Japanese submarine in the Battle of Kula Gulf.

GADDY, JESSE RAY  Farmersville, PFC 38431096
GLASS, WALTER MAX JR. Farmersville, Pvt. Army Electrical Engineers, KIA July 6, 1944, on Saipan in the South Pacific.
GOODNER, JIM B. 21, McKinney, 2ND Lt. 04756872, Air Corps pilot, KIA Apr. 11, 1944, when B17 Flying Fortress shot down over Germany.

HAGUE, GEORGE F. 21, McKinney, S/Sgt. 38117786, Air Corps, gunner on bomber, KIA May 1942, when shot down over Europe.
HALL, LOUIS W. Copeville, Pvt. 38682962, KIA 1944, in Germany.
HAMMACK, TROY B. Sgt. 38631055, died of wounds.
HAMPTON, EDWIN W. 26, McKinney, former preacher at the Church of Christ, 1st Lt. Chaplain with 59th Division, KIA Dec. 18, 1944 in Belgium.
HARRINGTON, CHARLES E. JR. Plano, Lt. US MARINE CORPS, KIA Mar. 3, 1945, at Iwo Jima.
HARTNESS, WELDON B. Farmersville, PFC 38115084, 1st Army, KIA in the Battle for St. Lo, France.
HAYWOOD, FRANCIS R. Pvt. 38333221
HEATHINGTON, TERRY McKinney, US Naval Reserve, died July 19, 1943.
HENSLEE, RAY W. 23, Farmersville 1ST Lt. 0725975, Air Corps, had been in the war zone for only twelve days when KIA Nov. 12, 1942, over Western Europe while navigator on a bomber.
HILL, RALPH OREN  Frisco, Sgt. US MARINE CORPS, fought in New Guinea, Bougainville, wounded on Guadalcanal, wounded on Guam, KIA July 21, 1944, in the Mariana Islands in the South Pacific.
HOLLEY, JOE R. 23, Allen, T/Sgt. 38079775, Army Medical Corps, Medic, 33rd Armored Regiment, 3rd Armored Division. Landed at Normandy on D-Day, KIA Sep. 19, 1944, in Germany. Awarded Bronze Star: "Volunteered to evacuate casualties under enemy artillery fire without regard for his own personal safety, and in the process saved many lives."
HOLMES, DEE  Farmersville, KIA at Bougainville in the South Pacific.
HONAKER, BILLY  Farmersville, Pharmacist Mate 1st Class, Navy, KIA Aug. 9, 1942, during invasion of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands when his ship the USS Jarvis, was sunk by Japanese aircraft. All hands were killed.
HUMPHRIES, ELMER R. McKinney, 691182
HUMPHRIES, VERNON RAY Culleoka, Pvt. 18039406, fought in North Africa, Sicily, France, KIA Apr. 25, 1945, in Germany.

IVES, DUDLEY R. 2ND Lt. 0687035

JACKSON, VERNON H. Farmersville, Sgt. 5955485, landed at Normandy on D-Day, WIA at the Battle of St. Lo, France, later died of those wounds.
JEANES, CHARLES OLIVER  19, McKinney & Melissa, USMC, PFC, rifleman. Killed in action, 6, January, 1944, at Cape Gloucester, New Britain in the South Pacific. Awarded the Navy Cross. Buried at Allen Cemetery.
JEANES, RABY L. 1ST Lt. 0685992, KIA
JOHNSON, MABRON P. Farmersville, Frisco, T/Sgt. 18007370,   448th Bomber Group (Heavy), 8th Air Force.  Killed in Action 10 June, 1944. Wounded by flak during in support of Normandy D-Day Invasion four days earlier. Shot down near Evreux, France, Johnson was a top-turret gunner and was apparently wounded before the plane caught fire and burned, Some of the other crewmembers were seen to bail out, but not he and one other. Awarded the Air Medal with four Oak Leaf Clusters. He was buried in a nearby churchyard and later reinterred at IOOF Cemetery, Farmersville, Texas.

KAUFMAN, GENE Cpl. 18179994 KIA
KELLY, JACK Capt. captured at Corregidor, held in Japanese Prisoner Camp #1 near Manila, and was killed Dec. 15, 1944, on the ‘Hell Ship’ Oryoko Maru, on which he was one of 1,619 prisoners crammed aboard. The destination was Japan, but the ship was hit by US Navy bombers and stood dead in the water off Olongopo Point in Subic Bay. The ship had to be abandoned and at least 250  men who weren’t killed in the bombing were either machine gunned by the Japanese or drown. Only 271 lived through captivity to be liberated in August 1945.
KELLY, TOM Anna, Sgt. 18180909, Air Corps, gunner on B17 Flying Fortress, KIA March 1944, when shot down over Germany.
KERBY, JACK 21, McKinney, Cpl. US Marine Corps, machine gunner, KIA Feb. 28, 1945, at Iwo Jima Island, was part of the unit that placed the flag atop Mt. Suribachi.
KIMBERLIN, DEWEY, 23, Farmersville & Culleoka, Private, KIA on 2 December 1944, when
his battalion was ambushed while transporting prisoners near Grasshaw, Germany. His body was sent home in 1948; he is buried at the Wilson Chapel Cemetery in Princeton.
KINNEY, LOWELL E. Celina, 2ND Lt. 0661848, KIA when B17 shot down over Europe in January 1942.
KRUG, KENNETH JR. McKinney, Lt. Air Corps, radio technician, KIA Feb. 4, 1944.

LACY, HOWELL L. (BUD) Altoga, T/Sgt. in D-Day landing at Normandy, KIA June 15, 1944, in France.
LAIR, JOHN C. Celina, PFC 38431923, KIA September 1944.
LAWSON, HERMAN D. Princeton, Sgt. 18080524, played first base for the Foster Army Field baseball team, with six members killed in plane crash near Smiley, Texas.
LEECH, LANDRUM W. Farmersville, 90th Infantry, KIA at Normandy on D-Day June 6, 1944.
LEWIS, VIRGIL Wylie, Pvt. 38046333
LINECUM, M. T. JR. 20, Altoga, Cpl. US MARINE CORPS, KIA Feb. 28, 1945, at Iwo Jima Island.
LLOYD, ELMER E. Celina, PFC 38434534, died of wounds.
LOVELADY, DUDLEY J. McKinney, T/Sgt. 38042909
LUCAS, VESTAL R. Pvt. 38419909, died of wounds.
LUNDY, W. C. PFC 38081152
LUSCOMBE, FRANCIS R. Anna, Navy, pilot of ‘Hellcat’ fighter based on aircraft carrier, KIA Feb. 16, 1945, in the South Pacific.

MANN, RUDD V. 26, Allen, 2ND Lt. 0431136, Army Air Corps, pilot instructor, killed in plane crash Jan. 1942, when an engine stalled and he chose to crash into a stack of lumber instead of landing in a street full of people.
Farmersville, Pvt. 5th Army, KIA June 3, 1944, in Italy.
McCLAIN, ALFRED A. Pvt. 6954833
McCRARY, LLOYD R. Farmersville, Pvt. 38343432, Combat Engineers, 49th Div. 7th Army, KIA April, 1945.
McCRAW, LLOYD D. McKinney, T/Sgt. 6267033, died of wounds.
McFARLING, DOYLE J. Navy, KIA Nov. 17, 1943, when his ship, the USS McKeon, was sunk near Bougainville by Japanese aircraft.
McGUFFEE, L. J. Anna, Sgt. 38630591
McKNIGHT, THOMAS E. Anna, Capt. 0487149, KIA
McMILLAN, MARVIN L. Sgt. 38099580, KIA
McNEIL, HENRY J. McKinney, PFC 6293032

Graduate of Celina High School and North Texas State Teachers College in Denton, 1st Lieutenant, US Army. KIA 3 December 1944, while serving with the 325th Field Artillery Battalion, 84th Infantry Division in Europe. Awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.  Buried at American Cemetery in Margraten, Netherlands.
MESSER, CHESTER D. Nevada, PFC, KIA in Aleutian Islands July 1943.
MILLER, CALVIN C. 1ST Lt. 0747462, KIA
MILLICAN, MATHER PARNELL 20, Farmersville, S/Sgt. Killed in bomber crash May 1943.
MONTGOMERY, J. L. Copeville, Sgt. 38431919  On February 2, 1945, Sgt. Montgomery, a 21 year old tank commander in Co. A, 740th Tank Battalion, left his tank when the gun jammed and his two-way radio would not work.  On foot he led another tank from his platoon into position to fire at a German tank that was approaching.  An artillery round hit the second tank near where Sgt. Montgomery was standing and killed him instantly.  Sgt. Montgomery was awarded the Silver Star for his bravery in that battle near Udenbreth, Germany.  Sgt. Montgomery is buried at Tompson Cemetery just south of Copeville, Texas.
MONTGOMERY, JAMES WILLIS Copeville, Pvt. 38631097, KIA in action during the battle for Okinawa.
MOODY, CHESTER E. Capt. Air Corps, killed in plane crash.
MORELAND, CYREL D. 19, McKinney, Merchant Marines, killed in July 1944, in explosion aboard ship at Oakland, California.
MORGAN, JAMES M. 18, Anna, Pvt. US MARINE CORPS, KIA in the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific Jan. 1944. After an all day battle in jungle conditions, he was shot in the head by a sniper that night.
MORRISON, EDGAR M. Farmersville, Pvt. 18036364, K Co. 31st Inf., killed while POW aboard the "Hell Ship" Arisan Maru when sunk by USS Shark Oct. 24, 1944.
MOUNGER, A. L. Princeton, Pvt. Air Corps, killed Dec. 17, 1944, at Alexandria, Louisiana when struck by bomber while walking across the runway.
MOUSER, CALVIN H. Josephine, 2ND Lt. 0546613
MUDD, DANA T. McKinney, US Army Air Corps, Flight Officer, piloted a Waco CG-4 A Glider, killed in action on 21 September, 1944 in Holland during Operation Market Center.
MYRIC, GERALD 25, McKinney, died of illness March 1943.

NANCE, CLIFFORD B. Plano, T/Sgt. 18048236
NEELY, GORDON K. Anna, S/Sgt. 18007298, trained Ski Troopers in Canada, 23rd Inf. 2nd Div. landed at Normandy on D-Day, KIA June 16, 1944, in France.

OSBURN, VAIL E. 23, Valdasta, Cpl. US MARINE CORPS, KIA in South Pacific Dec. 6, 1943, buried in Hawaii.

PARRIS, HUGH, B. JR. 24, McKinney, 1st Lt. Air Corps, pilot of B24 Liberator, killed in South Pacific Sept. 22, 1943.
PARKER, HARRISON W.  Farmersville  Lieutenant. Was KIA when his plane was shot down over Iwo Jima.
PATTERSON, HAROLD J. 19, Plano, Seaman 1st Class Navy, killed on USS Arizona Dec. 7, 1941, during initial Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. His name is one of four Collin County boys inscribed on the monument at the site.
PEARSON, W. M. Plano, Pvt. USMC, KIA Oct. 31, 1944, in New Guinea while on eight-man recon patrol. His body was carried eight  miles through the jungle by comrades and is buried in the South Pacific.
PETWAY, ROBERT D. McKinney, Pvt. 38039876
POINDEXTER, A. D. (JACK) Murphy, Lt. 15th Army Air Force, navigator on B17, KIA Feb. 20, 1945.
POPE, LELAN A. 2ND Lt. 0721516
PORTER, CHARLES V. Prosper, 2ND Lt. 0721517, Air Corps, killed Aug. 3, 1944, while pilot of transport plane that was struck by lightning and crashed, while flying from Bruning Army Air Field, Nebraska to Pierre, South Dakota, along with Lt. Pat Neff Roberts Jr. of McKinney and 26 other pilots and crew.
POWELL, LEEROY J. 20, McKinney, Fireman 2nd Class, Navy, KIA May 1945 at Bougainville in the Solomon Islands.
POWELL, R. MAYS   Anna, Pharmacist 2nd Class, Navy, KIA Jan. 12, 1945 on Luzon Island in the Philippines.

RAINES, VERNON R. Prosper, Sgt. 38437244, KIA
RAINWATER, GLENN W. (BUDDY) Princeton, Pvt. 18005878, machine gunner, landed at Normandy on D-Day, KIA June 13, 1944, in France.
RAWLINS, JOE H. Plano, US MARINE CORPS, KIA March 1944 in South Pacific.
 26, Nevada, 1st Lt., US Army Air Corps. Pilot of a P38 Lightning, serving with the 94th Fighter Squadron, KIA near Cagilari, Sardina, 14 May, 1943, when his plane struck the ground after strafing a train. Buried at Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antionio, Texas. Reese Air Force Base near Lubbock is named in his honor.
REEVES, CURTIS A. McKinney, Pvt. 18029838, 33rd Air Corps, captured when shot down May 7, 1942, in the battle of Corrigador, died in a Japanese POW camp.
REIDELL, GEORGE L. McKinney, Air Corps, tail gunner on B24 Liberator, KIA Feb 21, 1945, when shot down over Duisburg, Germany.
REYNOLDS, DOUGLAS KIA Mar. 22, 1945 in France.
RIDDLE, JAMES AMON Blue Ridge, Pvt. 38634719, 125th Inf. 32nd. Bn. KIA June 15, 1945, in the South Pacific.
RIKE, THOMAS L. JR. Farmersville, S/Sgt. B17 waist gunner, KIA Feb. 1944, when his plane went down over the English Channel. His body was never recovered.
ROBERTS, PAT N. JR. McKinney, 1st Lt. Air Corps, P47 pilot, killed Aug. 3, 1944, in crash of transport plane while flying from Bruning Army Air Field, Nebraska to Pierre, South Dakota along with Lt. Charles Porter of Prosper and 26 other pilots and crew.
ROGERS, JOHNIE CARL Wylie, Signalman 2nd Class, Navy, KIA Dec. 10, 1944, when the USS Dan Beard was torpedoed and sunk by a German Submarine off the coast of Wales.
ROSS, RICHARD H. Plano, Air Corps, 18180576, Air Cadet, killed in plane crash while training with his instructor.
RUSH, RICHARD P. McKinney, Seaman 1st Class Navy, KIA on USS Arizona during Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941. His name is listed on the memorial in Hawaii.
 22, Wylie, and attended the University of Houston. Staff/Sgt., USMC. KIA 29 May, 1944, while on a combat patrol, with 1st Signal Depot Battalion in the Solomon Islands. His remains were returned to Wylie for burial in March of 1948.

Anna, Cpl. 18006590, KIA
RUTHERFORD, WILLIAM E. Anna, Cpl. 18017663, killed in Lincoln, England in motor vehicle accident.

SCALF, WALTER CLINE 19,  McKinney, PFC US MARINE CORPS, KIA July 25, 1944, on Guam.
SCOTT, R. L. Blue Ridge, Sgt. Company M, 143rd Regt. 36th Div. KIA June 15, 1944, in Italy.
SEAY, EDGAR Farmersville, PFC 38285296, 359th Inf. KIA September 1944.
SHADDOX, MARVIN, A. McKinney, Seaman 2nd Class, US Navy. KIA while serving aboard the USS Corregidor CVE-58, while patrolling the Pacific Ocean for enemy submarines between Hawaii and California. His name is listed on the Tablets of the Missing, Honolulu, Hawaii.
Cook 1st Class, Merchant Marines, killed Oct. 20, 1943 when the tanker ship he was on collided with another tanker off the coast of Palm Beach, Florida and sunk.
SIMPSON, JIMMIE W. Anna, S/Sgt. 6286938
SKELTON, PAUL, 18, McKinney, Army T4, graduated McKinney HS, attended University of Texas, joined the Army 17 July, 1944. With the 3rd Armored Infantry Division, saw combat for the last four weeks of the war. Transferred to HQ of Army newspaper, Stars and Stripes. Killed 10 May, ’46 when accidentally shot by an American sentry near Nuremburg, Germany.
SMITH, FORD R. Melissa, Army Tank Corps, KIA Dec. 7, 1944.
SMITH, JESSE A. Plano, Pvt. 38686879, mortarman, KIA Feb. 18, 1945, near Kleinblatt, Germany, posthumously awarded the BronzeStar.
SMITH, JESSE T. McKinney, died in England April 1, 1944.
SNIDER, JIM W. McKinney, captured by Germans Dec. 6, 1944, while on eight-man patrol, died in April 1945 as a POW.
STALLCUP, WELDON H. “Stokes”  28, Celina, US Navy, Lieutenant, Pilot. Didn’t pass the physical to join the Navy; used his brother’s name to get in. Killed 30 January 1942, while on mission between Canton Island and Makin Island in the South Pacific. The PBY-5A patrol plane, with eleven men onboard, went down in bad weather and was never heard from again. Listed as Vance Stallcup on the Tablets of the Missing, Honolulu, Hawaii; Memorial headstone at Cottage Hill Cemetery, Celina.
STANDERFER, JIMMIE W. Plano, PFC 38434630, KIA Feb. 23, 1945, in the Battle for Manila, Philippines.
STANDFORD, CLEO W. Farmersville, Pvt. 18024915, US Army Air Force Glider Training Detachment, killed in glider training accident Oct. 1, 1942, at Antigo, Wisconsin.
STEELMAN, W. H. JR. Culleoka, Navy, KIA May 1945, while onboard destroyer that was sunk off the coast of Okinawa.
STEVENS, GLENN Anna, Tec4 38038040, KIA
STILES, CLEO W. Farmersville, 17th Army Air Corps, killed Oct. 11, 1942, in plane crash near Antigo, Wisconsin.
STROUP, JOHN L. 19, Altoga, Cpl. 38532061, Air Corps, gunner on bomber crew, died in plane crash June 25, 1944 while training at MacDill Field in Florida.

TAYLOR, CLAUDE D. 25 Nevada, US Navy, QM1-C.  Graduated Nevada High School 1937, attended the University of Texas, enlisted in the Navy on 18 December, 1939. Killed in Action 7 March, 1945, during the Philippine Liberation onboard a destroyer. Served 5 years at sea and participated in 9 major battles, including Pearl Harbor, the Aleutian Campaign, and the Philippine Liberation.
TENNEL, RAYMOND CLIFFORD Plano. Graduate of Plano High School. Seaman 1st Class, US Navy. One of four sailors from Collin County onboard the USS Arizona, KIA 7 December, 1941.
Plano, 2ND Lt. 0763404, Air Corps, KIA Dec. 16, 1944, when shot down over Germany.
THOMAS, NOLAN Farmersville USMC  Served in the Pacific Theatre and dies after contracting pneumonia.
THURMAN, DUNCAN Celina, fought in many battles in Europe and died aboard ship on his way home. The VFW Post in Celina is named for him.
28, Farmersville, US Army, Tech 5, B Battery, 453rd Anti-Aircraft Battalion, 83rd Infantry Division. Landed on Utah Beach in France about a week after D-Day in June of 1944. Fought through France, Belgium and Germany. By the end of World War II, his battalion was credited with downing 94 enemy aircraft in defense of the infantry troops they supported. Killed in Action in in Germany, 8 April, 1945. Buried at Netherlands American Cemetery, Margraten, Netherlands.

VAUGHN, JAMES W. Celina, 29, PFC 18006191, KIA Sep. 12, 1944, in France.
VICARS, HENRY C. Farmersville, US Army Air Corps, navigator on a B17, killed in action on 13 September, 1944,  when his plane was shot down by enemy anti-aircraft fire over Germany.

WALDRUM, CECIL C. Pvt. 38046791, KIA
WALLACE, LEON H. Pike, PFC 6251622, captured by the Japanese in the Philippines in 1941 and died as a POW.
WALTERS, CHARLES O. JR. McKinney, Sgt. 18038627, Air Corps, drown Aug. 30, 1943, while training in Orlando, Florida.
WARD, ROBERT G. Capt. 0456079
WHITE, EARL Plano, 36th Div. KIA October, 1944.
WHITE, BURNELL C. McKinney, Pvt. 38043803, KIA
WHITE, FLOYD EARL. JR. Plano, 1ST Lt. 01311718, KIA Nov. 20, 1944, in France.
WHITE, JUAN Blue Ridge, KIA in Italy July 1944.
WILLIAMS, DEWEY P. Pvt. 6955401, KIA
WILLIAMS, RALPH S. 27, Clear Lake, Tec4 38081102, WIA June 22, 1944, in Italy, died two days later June 24.
WILLIS, AUDDIE C. 22, Blue Ridge, S/Sgt. 18006953, landed at Normandy on D-Day, KIA July 27, 1944, in France.
WILLIS, WILLIE C. 23, Sgt. Co. E. 23rd Infantry, landed at Normandy on d-Day, KIA July 27, 1944, in France.
WORTHAM, ALVIS W. Anna, PFC 38534695, KIA
WRIGHT, JOE BEN 23, Farmersville, Sgt. Air Corps, killed in plane crash June 1944.
WRIGHT, JAMES T. 20, Farmersville, died Aug. 28, 1943, when accidentally shot by another soldier while doing Military Police duties at Pier 98, Delaware River Depot, Philadelphia, Pa.

YEARY, HORACE EDWIN  21   Farmersville, 38th Inf. Div., wounded at Luzon in the Philippines, and later died in Manila.
YEAGER, HENRY M. Plano, Pvt. 38037163, KIA
YOUNG, CHESTER C. (PREACHER) McKinney, S/Sgt. WIA Oct. 23, 1944, in France, died Oct. 27, '44.
YOUNG, H. R. (BLACKIE) 31, McKinney, 1st Lt. Air Corps, flight engineer on B29, KIA Feb. 20, 1945, over Saipan.
YOUNGER, BOBBY J. McKinney, S/Sgt. 38536880, Air Corps, gunner on B17, KIA Nov. 2, 1944 when shot down over Morseburg, Germany.