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ADAMS, JIM  Anna, Cpl. Co. H. 61st Infantry, KIA in France Sept. 16, 1918. Buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
ALLEN. JEPTHA T. “JEP” ALLEN 26, McKinney, Sgt. US Army. Died in Emory Texas, Jan 6, 1918, at the home of his parents, while on furlough from Camp Travis, Texas. The day he died his appointment to Officers Training Camp was announced in the newspaper. Buried at Pecan Grove, McKinney.
20, Chambersville and Anna, Cpl. US Army. Sent to Camp Stanley, Texas, for training, died 11 Oct. 1918, of pneumonia. Buried at Chambersville Cemetery.
 22, McKinney, US Army. Served with the 36th American Expeditionary Division and died of wounds received in France in 1918.

AYCOCK JOSEPH W.  McKinney,  Pvt. US Army Training Corps. Enlisted in McKinney 14 Oct. 1918 and  died Nov. 24, 1918, of influenza. Buried in IOOF Cemetery, Farmersville.

BALLEW, JAMES L. 19, Melissa, Private, US Army. Died 16 October, 1918, of Spanish Influenza at his home in Melissa, after contacting it during training at Camp Travis, San Antonio, Texas. He is buried at Altoga Cemetery, Altoga, Texas.
McKinney, Pvt. Co. A, 11th Infantry, 5th Div. Killed in Action in France Nov. 5, 1918. Buried in Walnut Grove  Cemetery.
BISHOP, OSCAR H.  Frisco, Pvt. 41st Co. 11th Bn. 165th Brigade, died at Camp Travis, Texas, Oct. 31, 1918. Buried at Gunter, Texas.
BRIDGES, BENJAMIN F. Wylie, Pvt. Co. H. 359th Inf. 90th Div. KIA Sep. 26, 1918. Buried in Wylie.
BUNCH, FRANK  Celina, Pvt. Medical Dept. died Oct. 17, 1918 of pneumonia at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Buried at Cottage Hill Cemetery.
BYLER, JOSEPH L.  Plano, Pvt. Machine Gun Co. A, 345th Mach. Gun Bn. 90th Div. Fought in France, sent home and died of spinal meningitis May 30, 1918. Buried at Forest Grove Cemetery.

CASEY, GEORGE  McKinney, Pvt. Killed in Action
CLARK, GEORGE W.  PFC Quartermaster Corps, died Oct. 25, 1918 of pneumonia at Fort Sam Houston, Tx. Buried at Red Oak, Dallas County.
COMPTON, AENARD   Allen, 28  Nurse US Army - Attended Baylor University, became a school teacher and high school principal. Left her job to become a Nurse for the Army. Stationed in Washington DC. Died of the flu, 6 Oct. 1918.
COPAS, OSCAR B., 23, Lucus, born 30 Nov, 1895, Private, Company F, 359th Inf. 90th Div., arrived in France 2 July, 1918, and went immediately to the front. Killed in Action on 26 Sep, 1918, during the battle of St.Mihiel, France. Buried at Mt. Calvary Cemetery.
CUFFMAN, ROBERT J.  24, Allen, Pvt. Supply Co. 28th Inf. Killed in Action Oct. 1, 1918 at St. Mihiel, France. Buried in Allen.
CUDD, HUBERT C. – 25, Collin County, Sgt. US Army. Entered the service July 15, 1918, and sent to Camp Cody, New Mexico, where he was trained with Company 11, 388th Infantry. Through efficient service he was promoted to Line Sergeant. While training at Camp Cody he fell ill with pneumonia, which resulted in death in 1918. He is buried at Aubrey, Texas.

CURRIN, HENRY L.  Josephine, Pvt. Co. C. 138 Inf, 350th Div. Killed in Action Sept. 28, 1918 in Battle of Argonne, France. Buried at Nevada, Texas.

DRY, CLARENCE C.  McKinney, Sgt. US Army. Killed in Action 28 September, 1918; Awarded the Distinguished Service Cross (Posthumously) for extraordinary heroism in action while serving with Company I, 140th Infantry Regiment, 35th Division, A.E.F., at Exermont, France. Volunteering to ascertain the location of an enemy machine-gun nest, Sergeant Dry walked into the open to draw its fire, and when he was about 50 yards from the hostile position, he was killed. His self-sacrificing act enabled his platoon to destroy the enemy nest. Buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
23, McKinney, Served with American Expeditionary Forces, and was a victim of a German gas attack. He spent two years in hospitals for treatment and died 20 October, 1921, from the effects of his wounds.

EADS, LEE S.  Pike, Captain, US Army. KIA in France. Awarded the Distinguished Service Cross (Posthumously) for extraordinary heroism in action while serving with 60th Infantry Regiment, 5th Division, A.E.F., near Regnieville, France, September 15 - 17, 1918. Prompted by his great devotion to duty Captain Eads preferred to remain on duty with a detachment of his company organized as a carrying party, desiring to see that his detail performed the work assigned to them to the very utmost. While thus engaged he received severe wounds, which proved to be the cause of his death. Buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
EMERSON, JOHN L.  McKinney Pvt. 68th Aero Squadron, Aviation, died Dec. 17, 1917, of pneumonia in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
ESTEP, JAMES V.  Anna, Seaman 2nd Class, US Navy, died March 1, 1918 at Great Lakes Naval Hospital, Chicago, Il. Buried at Elm Grove Cemetery, near Westminster.

FARRELL, CLARENCE R.  Plano, Cpl. 79th Balloon Co. Air Service, died Oct. 25, 1918, at Camp John Wise, San Antonio. Buried at Rowlett Creek Cemetery, Plano.
FLOYD, JOHN W.  Allen, Pvt. Quartermaster Corps, died Oct. 7th, 1918 at Olvors, France of Pneumonia. Buried at Rowlett Creek Cemetery.
FRY, EARL  Blue Ridge, Cpl. Co. A. 359th Inf. 90th Div. WIA Nov 1, 1918 and died Nov 9, 1918. Buried in France.
23, McKinney, US Army. Machine Gunner with the 359th Texas Infantry. KIA Sept. 12, 1918, in France and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

GANTT, JAMES ROBERT SLOSS.  Princeton, Apprentice Seaman, US Navy, died April 29, 1917, of pneumonia. Buried at Princeton.
First Collin County boy to die in World War I.

GEIGAS, JIMMY  McKinney, Pvt. 359th Infantry, 90th Division. KIA Sept. 15, 1918. The First McKinney boy ever to be killed in action on foreign soil. The American Legion Post in McKinney is named in his honor. Jimmy joined the Army when fighting had broken out in Europe. He was sent to Camp Travis, near San Antonio for training, where he became part of the 359th Infantry Regiment of the 90th Division, and then to Camp Hempstead, New York. By September of 1918, America had entered the war and their first offensive operation had begun in France, the Battle of St. Mihiel. Jimmy was part of that fight. He had been in France for just over four months. During a lull in the fighting, on September 12, the men of his unit were thirsty and out of water. Jimmy and a man named Jack Campbell collected the canteens of their buddies and went back to a spring near a small town they had crossed earlier in the day. On their way back a German plane flew over them and dropped a bomb. Jack was able to save himself by jumping into a ditch, but Jimmy was hit by shrapnel from the explosion and was killed. His body was returned home to McKinney.
GILBERT, THADIS O.  26, Farmersville, Pvt. Co. C, 143rd Infantry Regt. 36th Div.  Joined the Army 28 May, 1918, Killed in Action Oct. 8, 1918 in France. Buried at Farmersville.
GREER, GILES RAYMOND Princeton, Cpl. 658th Inf. 90th Div.Participated in fierce fighting, Killed in Action on the morning of 11 November, 1918, a few hours before the Armistice was signed. Buried at IOOF Cemetery, Princeton
Anna, Mechanic 477th Aero Squadron, Air Service, died Feb. 5, 1918, of meningitis at Newport News, Va. Buried at Van Alstyne, Tx.
GUINN, TILLMAN  Celina, PFC Co. G. 359th Inf. 90th Div. Killed in Action in France Sept. 12, 1918. Buried in France.

HARDING, PETER J.  Plano, Capt. Co. A. 359th Inf. 90th Div. Killed in Action in France Sept. 15, 1918. Buried in France.
HENDRIX, CLARENCE ESTEL  26, Farmersville, Pvt. Co. A. 359th Inf. 90th Div. Enlisted 6 May, 1892, Killed in Action at Meuse Argonne, France Nov. 2, 1918. Buried in Huson Cemetery, Farmersville. The American Legion Post in Farmersville was named for him.
HINDS, CALVIN E.  McKinney, Pvt. Medical Dept. died October 15, 1918 at Camp MacArthur, Texas. Buried at Hullard, Tx.

JOHNSON, PORTER W.  Millwood, Pvt. Co. F. 26th Inf. Killed in Action in France Oct. 1, 1918.
JOHNSON, ROBERT BRYAN  Princeton, Carpenter’s Mate US Navy, died Sept 23, 1918 of influenza aboard ship at Quebec, Canada. Buried at Princeton.

KEY, OSCAR C.  McKinney, 2nd Lt. Co. C. 359th Inf. 90th Div. Killed in Action in France Sept. 20, 1918. Buried in France.
KINNAMON, ROBERT H.  Plano, Pvt. Co B. 1st Bn. 22nd Engineers, died in France Feb. 24, 1919.
KIRK, EDWIN M. McKinney, 25, US Army, wounded in the Battle of St. Mihiel, France, died May 1923 as a result of being gassed. Buried at Pecan Grove.

LEWIS, JACK J.  22, Farmersville, Sgt. Co. A. 359th Inf. 90th Div.  After being gassed at St. Mihiel,  France, 15 Sept, 1918, he came home and died  on July 22, 1919 from the gas effects. Buried at Huson Cemetery, Farmersville.
LONG, JOHN C.  Princeton, Pvt. baker, Co 321, 36th Div.  Was a school teacher before joining the Army. Died from pneumonia in France Sept. 13, 1918. Buried at Van Winkle Cemetery, Climax, Texas.
  McKinney, US Army. Was a member of Burrus Rifles of McKinney and was sent to Camp Stanley, Texas, to Officers Training School. Soon after arriving at the training camp he was taken sick with appendicitis and died November 25, 1918. He is buried in Princeton, Texas.


MATHERS, GEORGE S.  McKinney, Cpt. Chaplain, Medical Corps, died Oct. 6, 1918 of pneumonia at Camp Meade, Md. Buried at Military  Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois.
MATTHEWS, ROY EDGAR  Altoga & Westminster, 1st Lt. Killed in Action Sept. 14th, 1918.
McCANDLESS, ALEXANDER J.  McKinney, Pvt. Co. B. 124th Inf. 31st Div. died Nov. 1, 1918, of influenza at Camp Merritt, N.J. Buried in McKinney.
MURRAY, JAMES W.  Princeton, Pvt. died in accident.

O'DELL, WILLIAM L.  Celina, Pvt. Ambulance Co. 111th Military Train, 36th Div. died Oct. 11, 1918. near Rhelma, France of pneumonia. Buried at Cottage Hill.

, Pvt. 46th Co. 12th Bn. 163rd Depot Brigade, died Oct. 22, 1918, of pneumonia. Buried at Chambersville.
PHILLIPS, ARTHUR L.  Anna, Pvt. 2nd Co. Central Officers Training Camp, died Oct. 16, 1918 of pneumonia at Camp MacArthur, Tx. Buried at Elm Grove Cemetery, Westminster.

RODERICK, AMBER B.   Private, Frisco, Company H, 142 Inf. Killed in Action  in France; Awarded, by Marshall Petain from the French Government, the “Croix de Guerre” Medal. The citation reads: “Displayed courage , bravery and skill. Crossed a terrain violently bombarded by large caliber shells and machine-gun fire. Was killed while accomplishing his duty.”
RODGERS, SAM  McKinney,  2nd Lt. US Army, 153rd Pioneer Infantry. Killed in Action 7 Oct. 1918, during the Battle of the Argonne.
RUCKER, WILLIAM ERWIN. Jr.  McKinney, Apprentice Seaman, US Navy, died Dec. 23, 1918 of pneumonia at Great Lakes, Chicago. Buried at McKinney.

SAMUEL, CHARLES A.  McKinney, Pvt. Co F. 117th Supply Train, 42nd Div. Army of Occupation, died Dec. 22, 1818 in Germany of typhoid fever. Buried at McKinney.
SANDERS, JASPER, R.  Celina, Pvt. Transport Corps, died Feb. 10, 1919 in France.
SELLARS, IRA M.  Blue Ridge, Pvt. Co F. 19th Inf. Killed in training accident Dec. 11, 1917, near Port Arthur, Tx. Buried at Blue Ridge.
SMITH, HUSTON L.  Princeton, Pvt. Co. G. 9th Inf. Killed in Action Nov. 7, 1918 in France. Buried in France.
SMITH, JOSEPH L.  McKinney, Pvt. Co. L. 143 rd Inf. 32nd Div. died Oct 21, 1918 in France of pneumonia. Buried at McKinney.
SPARKMAN, JAMES F.  Frisco, Pvt. Co. E. 589th Inf. 90th Div. Killed Feb. 6, 1918 in the torpedo sinking of the Cunard Liner, Tuscania, by a German submarine, off the coast of Scotland, with the deaths of 264 people. He was the first Collin County boy to be killed in the war. Buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
SPRINGFIELD, HENRY G.  Anna, Pvt. Co. D. 356th Inf. 90th Div. Killed in Action in France Nov. 5, 1918.
SPRINKLE, CARL  27, Farmersville, Cpl. Co D. 203rd Machine Gun Bn.  Was a farmer who enlisted in the Army 7 Oct. 1917 and died Nov. 6, 1918, in France of pneumonia. Buried at Huson Cemetery, Farmersville.
STEIZER, ALBERT E.  Celina Cpl. Co A. 359th Inf. 90th Div. died Aug. 5, 1918 of pneumonia, first Collin County boy to die in war zone. Buried in France.
STEWERT, ALPHEUS E.  Fairview, Pvt. US Army. KIA 29 Sept. 1918. Awarded the Distinguished Service Cross (Posthumously) for extraordinary heroism in action while serving with Company G, 107th Infantry Regiment, 27th Division, A.E.F., east of Ronssoy, France. Private Stewart, having been wounded in the head, advanced with fearless disregard for his own personal safety against an enemy machine-gun nest and succeeded in putting it out of action by bombing the gunners. He was killed immediately thereafter by enemy machine-gun fire.

THURMAN, GEORGE W.  Celina, Pvt. Co. A. 123rd Inf. died Oct. 16, 1918, of pneumonia at Camp Hobokken, N.J. Buried at Celina.
TIMMS, JAMES O.  Wylie, Pvt. Co F, 23rd Inf. Killed in Action in France Oct. 15, 1918. Buried in France.
TUCKER, JEFF MORGAN  McKinney, died in France -  McKinney Courier Gazette, July26, 1921, … died in France while serving his country. Reinterment was made in the colored cemetery south of McKinney.  He was reared in McKinney and has numerous relatives living here. A large crowd of his people met the remains at the M. K & T train. This was the first body of a colored soldier returned here since the war.

TYLER, ROBERT L.  McKinney, Pvt. 337th Squadron, Camp Stuart, Va. died Oct. 14, 1918.

WALTERS, OSCAR M.  23, McKinney, Pvt. 359th Inf. 9th Division, Killed in Action in France Sept. 16, 1918. Buried at Forest Grove.
WRIGHT, WALTER L.  McKinney, Pvt. Co. 56, 11th Bn. 166th Depot Brigade, 90th Div. died Mar. 20, 1918 of meningitis at Camp Travis, Tx. Buried at Wilson Chapel Cemetery, McKinney.


BENNETT, CHESTER  McKinney, US Navy, Fireman 2nd Class. Drown while serving aboard ship at Mare Island California, Jan 22, 1913


CROWDER, HUBERT McKINLEY, 17, McKinney, US Navy, died while serving on a ship in the Pacific off the coast of California, 14 Oct. 1920. Buried at Mt. Olive Cemetery

ENGLAND, TOMMY  Born near Weston and lived in McKinney, Melissa, Clear   Lake and Wylie. Seaman 1st Class, US Navy. Had been in the service for 21 months. Died in the Panama Canal Zone of infection after ear surgery in 1923.

HIGHSAW, EARNEST ASHLEY, 21, Culleoka,  US Navy, Seaman. While serving on the Fleet Flagship, USS Raleigh, in the Bearing Sea, he underwent surgery for appendicitis, and after experiencing complications was sent to a hospital in Stockholm, Sweden, where he died 26 July, 1929. His body was accompanied home by a detail of shipmates, and buried at Princeton Cemetery, Princeton, Texas. His tombstone reads: Erected to the Memory of Earnest Ashley Highsaw, US Navy, by his Shipmates of the USS Raleigh, Died Stockholm, Sweden July 26, 1929. "Our Sailor is Home From the Sea"

FRANKLIN, ELKIN L.  McKinney, West Point graduate, Killed in polo match in Hawaii June 24, 1932

McKinney, Aviation Machinist Mate 3rd Class, Killed aboard the aircraft carrier USS Langley, 7 April, 1932, when he was struck by a an airplane propeller during training exercises off the California coast.